The academy provides its consulting services to its client base, which  consist of four important stages, which are:

  • Preliminary survey of the situation of the institution/bank requesting consultation and submitting a report in this regard.
  • Contracting with the concerned institution/bank, including consultation procedures, scheduling, required expertise, and based on cooperation with a supporting team nominated by the beneficiary to collaborate with experts and receive training to carry out the consulting task.
  • Execution of the consulting task according to the contract.
  • Supervision of the implementation and training, as agreed upon with the beneficiary institution.

Fields of Consultancy Services

  • Developing comprehensive and sub-strategies.
  • Preparing marketing research and feasibility studies (technical, economic, marketing, and financial).
  • Developing banking, financial, economic, administrative processes and enhancing their capabilities, performance, and modernization.
  • Transfer, adaptation, and utilization of technology.
  • Developing financial and accounting systems.
  • Developing human resources and training.
  • Organizing and restructuring banks, institutions, companies, and government agencies, including restructuring, privatization, and transitioning to Islamic banking.
  • Oversight and monitoring, including setting performance standards, proposing key performance indicators (KPIs), and preparing internal control systems.

Consultancy contracts

The Academy has implemented a number of consulting projects at the level of the Arab world, the most important of which are:

    • Computerization of the People’s Credit Bank – Syrian Arab Republic.
    • Modernization and development of the Cooperative and Agricultural Credit Bank – Republic of Yemen.
    • Computerization of the Industrial Bank – Syrian Arab Republic.
    • Data migration in industrial banking – Syrian Arab Republic.
    • Converting the National Commercial Bank – Jeddah into an Islamic bank.
    • Restructuring the Iraqi banking sector in cooperation with Deliote.
    • In addition to restructuring the following banks and financial institutions:
      1. Banks in Palestine
      2. Rafidain Bank – Republic of Iraq
      3. Ministry of Education – Republic of Iraq
      4. Office of Financial Supervision – Republic of Iraq
      5. General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers – Republic of Iraq
      6. Institute of Banking and Financial Studies – Republic of Iraq
      7. Bank of the Sahel and Sahara – Libyan Republic
      8. Muscat Securities Market – Sultanate of Oman
      9. Syrian Central Bank – Syria
      10. Agricultural Credit Bank – Yemen