An overview about the Academy

The Arab Academy for Management, Banking, and Financial Science was established in 1988 through the General Assembly of the Arab Banks Union, and operates within the framework of the Joint Arab Work System, with headquarters in Cairo. The Academy in Yemen was established in 2006 to offer degrees in accordance with the Yemen education system and has graduated over 30 cohorts, many of whom hold prestigious positions in the private and public sectors and civil society organizations..

The Academy is a member of the Economic and Social Council, the Higher Coordination Committee for Joint Arab Work Institutions, and the Arab Economic Unity Council. It is one of the leading and specialized institutions in the fields of education, training, and scientific and professional qualification, and has been committed

Our Mission:

The Arab Academy for Management, Banking, and Financial Science (AAMBFS) has been operating as the “Academy for all Arabs”. Over the years, it has become a center that inspires all Arab professionals in the financial and business sectors, providing them with scientific and academic knowledge. Equipped with strong curricula that compete with the highest ranking standards in the world, AAMBFS is designed to create a new generation ready to bring about change in their communities throughout the Arab world.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to have a significant impact on the financial and banking services, as well as various fields in the business sector in the Arab world. AAMBFS strives to create an environment that supports and inspires individuals involved in these sectors to realize their potential and achieve their dreams.

Our Services

The Academy offers its services in the following areas: